Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Love You With All My Heart

Romantic Songs

I love you with all my heart I thought that you should know,

But you don't think I mean it how can this be so.

You mean the world to me and you light up my day,

You touch my heart in every sweet way.

I thought that my heart would be locked forever, and my life would be apart,

Then you touched my life and you unlocked and put a beat in my heart.

I want to say that I love you and you are always on my mind,

A girl as wonderful as you is very hard to find.

It makes me feel comfortable when you are with me by my side,

The love that I have for you is obvious and is something I cannot hide.

I love when I hold your hand because you have the biggest place in my heart,

And every day I pray that we will never be apart.

I love you so much and I want you to see,

There is no one else in my life but you I just wish that you would believe.

You bring the rays of sunshine into my life everyday that I am with you,

The love that I have for you is clearly pure and very true.

When I am with you, you make all my pain go away,

Since I have been with you, my view on life is clear, because the path i am walking, you are guiding & lighting the way.

When I look into your beautiful eyes I see the love you have for me is true,

And I want you to know these few words,

My Angel I want to let you know that I Love You.''

To my baby whom I love with all my heart. ♥  :)  Romantic Songs


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